Established in 1922

Learn more about the history of the school from how the name my park came about, the school’s proprietor, the board of governor and former principal.

School’s History

In 1922 the second leavers of the sixth standard had no catholic secondary school to attend and even though promises were made that the secondary school would be built, nothing happens till 1922 when it was decided to use the middle floor of the new building at Howe Street for new secondary school. In January 1922 advertisement appeared in the weekly news that the new St. Edward’s Secondary would be opened on 6th February 1922 and so on Monday 6th February 1922, St. Edward’s Secondary school came into being with the following foundation pupils namely:

1.    Anthony Tucker

2.    Sylvester Tucker

3.    James Massallay

4.    Edward Farrah

5.    Albert Margai

6.    Willie Luke

7.    Joseph Luke


Father Michael O’Connor was the first principal and father Mulcahy, who was in Mobe in Sherbro land transferred to Freetown to help him.

In June 1922 father O’Connor had to leave Sierra Leone due to bad health and father Mulcahy became principal. He became very well-known figure in Sierra Leone. St. Edward’s became so well known in sports, scouting, and education during his principalship that father Mulcahy’s name became a household name in Sierra Leone. He died in 1941.

In 1943, the school was divided into houses such as Blanchet, O’Gorman, Wilson, and Brown.

In 1946, the secondary school moved to army huts at Brook fields. Most of the huts had been pulled down and St. Joseph Secondary School now stands on the site.

The primary school continued at Howe until 1960 when it moved to Fort Street. The new and present secondary school was completed in 1959 and St. Edward’s moved to King tom.


The name “May Park”:

In pursuance of his burning for an active sporting life for boys, Father Mulcahy considered it of vital necessity to obtain for his school a field of its own and in 1934 he entered into negotiation with the owner of a huge piece of land in Kungtom, Mr. A Golley, a very prominent builder to purchase part of this land. The purchase was finally concluded in May and the piece of land were cleared and made into a sporting field. Father Mulcahy named it “May Park”. In January 1945, Father Kearney acted as principal and Father Holly went on leave in 1948 and O’Dwyer arrived to join the staff. In January 1952, Father O’Brian joined the staff.


The proprietor of the school is the Catholic Mission and the local head since the 1940s has been a Bishop or Archbishop: namely

       Bishop Ambrose Kelly (deceased)

       Archbishop Thomas Brossnahan (deceased)

       Archbishop J.H Ganda (Emeritus)

       Archbishop Edward T. Charles, the current head.


The school is under the supervision of the board of governors. The member of the reconstituted board of governors are:

1)    Vicar General Dr. Rev. Joseph Tamba Kamanda – Chairman.

2)    His Grace, the Archbishop Edward Joseph Tamba Sam – Proprietor.

3)    Rev. Fr. Michael Selenga Bassie – Catholic Education Secretary.

4)    Rev. Fr. Paul G. Jusu, school Chaplain – Parish Priest St Edward’s Parish.

5)    Representative of the Freetown City Council – Member.

6)    President of the Old Edwardian Association – Mr. Ishmael Sheriff Esq.

7)    Dr. Alice Walton Davies – Member.

8)    Ms. Edna Jones –

9)    Ms. Zainab Binta Kamara

10) Ms. Emma Caulker – CTA Chairperson.

11) Chief Education officer/Representative.

12) Mr. Freddie R Wyse – Principal (SSS)/Secretary.

13) Mrs. Alimatu Massaquoi – Ag. Principal (JSS).




Former Principal of St Edward’s Secondary School

6th February 1922

The Rev. Father Michael O’Connor became the first principal of St Edward’s Secondary School. He was succeeded by Father Mulcahy, F. Joy and two lay teachers. Thus began St Edward’s. On June 5th, 1922 Father O’Connor left for Europe in broken health and Father Cornelius Mulcahy took over the principalship.

June 1922 – December 1941

The Rev. Father Mulcahy became principal of the school in June 5th, 1922. He remained principal until December 8th 1941 when he died. He spent his life and energy in St. Edward. His impact in St. Edward’s and the Freetown community was colossal.

January 19th 1942 – 1952

The Rev. Father Clarkin on January 19th, 1942 became principal after the death of Father Mulcahy. Father Clarkin remained principal until January 1945.

January 1945 – 1952

The Rev. Father Holly was appointed principal of St. Edward’s Secondary School on January 19th, 1945. Father Holly transferred the secondary school to Brook fields and the Army Huts used during the war were the classrooms of the school.

1948 – 1952

The Rev. Father Kearney acted as principal when Father Holly went on leave in 1948. Father Dwane arrive to join the staff and Father Brian O’Connor joined in January 1952. In August, Father Holly returned home.

August 1952 – May 15th, 1952

The Rev. Father Kearney took over as principal of the school. He remained principal until 15th August 1952.

15th May 1956

The Rev. Father O’Reilly took over as acting principal of St. Edward’s Secondary School.

16th October 1956 – 17th October 1979

The Rev. Father J. Sullivan took over the principalship of St Edward and retired as principal on the 17th October 1979 and Mr. A.J. Robinson, vice-principal took over as acting principal.

In 1994, Mr. M.A.C. Renner was appointed principal.

On 17th October 1999, Mr. J.P Kamara (popularly known as Tizzo) served as acting principal and was confirmed as full principal in January 2002

Notable alumni

St Edward’s School has produced many illustrious sons and daughter found in all works of life and they are making tremendous contribution towards the development of the school and our dear Republic of Sierra Leone.

A few examples are as follows:

       His Grace Archbishop Joseph H. Ganda. – (Emeritus) archbishop of Freetown and Bo.

       Hon S.B.B Dumbuya –former Hon. Speaker of parliament

       Hon. Chernor M. Bah – former deputy speaker of parliament.

       Hon. Brima Conteh – former member of parliament.

       Mr. Francis A. Munu – former inspector general pf police.

       Md. Haja Kalla Kamara former director general NRA.

       Alhaji Mohamed B. Tunde-Cole – Rtd. Managing director NP

       Mr. Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq – former chairman, the board of director NRA

       Mr. Gibril Saccoh – Former director-general NASSIT.

       Mr. Ishmael Sheriff Esq – president of OEA.

       Mr. Ishmael Tarawalli – Head of ONS.

       Mr. James P. Kamara – former chairman, the board of governors

       Mr. Brima Keita – Civil Engineer, dev. Officer OEA

       Dr. Abass Bundu – Current speaker of parliament.

       Mr. Solomon Jamiru – deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of NERCOVAC

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